Now Recruiting

We are now recruiting players.

If you have played rugby… great

If you haven’t played rugby… great

If you don’t like rugby… well, not great but we can work with it.

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4 comments on “Now Recruiting
  1. James says:

    A friend and I both want to play rugby. Were both 23 if age has anything to do with it. Do we just show up tonight at conditioning to get info on joining?

  2. thaison nguyen says:

    Hi, my name is Thaison Nguyen and I have been very interested in the sport for the past couple of years but was never able to find time to play since I am deeply involved with my main sport, wrestling. Since I am finishing off my senior year, I have been thinking about playing rugby. Not knowing much about the sport and it’s background, I am deeply motivated to play since it looks fun and I love contact sports. I am still currently In season for wrestling but was wondering if I could get some more information about the club. I have a friend who plays for Doylestown and he told me great things about the organization. Hopefully you could get back to this email and soon I could get to know more about the teams and soon play the sport. Thank you!

    • dedikdrfc says:

      Hello Thaison. Thank you for reaching out to us! We would love to have you come and check out the club! I am unsure as to when your season ends or when practices are, but the Men’s team will have practices every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:45pm starting on Feb. 24th. Our matches are every Saturday around 1pm. This site can help you find locations of practices and games. If you have any direct question, you can reach out to us on here or our President directly (Doug @ Where are you living? Maybe there is a player living in your area that you could meet up with to talk to in person. If you have any other questions do not hesitate to reach out! Like I said before, we would love for you to come and check us out!

  3. Tony Burton says:

    Hi guys, do have an active vets or lower team? I am 47 year old British centre who has been playing for over thirty years and will be emigrating to the area before the year end. Any use for an old head on a still relatively fit body?

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