Friends of Doylestown Rugby 501c3 APPROVED!

Pop the bubbly 🍾🍻!!

I would like to thank Pat McDonald, Rich Carroll and Phil Russo (and Dodd, and Julian) for the extensive help and getting DRFC to be a charitable organization!!! This has been spoken about for decades, and has taken years for implementation.
What does this mean for you? You can tell your work, your friends, your family, everyone that if they are looking to write off money for tax purposes, they can now give to their local “Doylestown” program that is developing the Olympic sport of rugby, and supports youth athletics and have it deducted from their taxes.
Being that it is year end, and we people/companies can do the write off still for 2016, it is important to announce this information ASAP. The goal is to raise money across ALL DRFC clubs, to help pay down the field rent. And if we can get down our costs for rent, well then we don’t need as much for dues.. (Get the picture? Get other people to pay for your stuff).
If you have questions about this, especially if you have donors 🙂 please contact Pat McDonald @ If you or someone/some company would like to start donating, click on the PayPal icon below.
Friends Of Doylestown Rugby
501c3 Donation to Friends of Doylestown Rugby

501c3 Donation to Friends of Doylestown Rugby

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