Women’s Dragon Diary

Dragon Diary:


“I joined the DWRFC for the summer season and it was the best decision of my rugby career! The ladies on the team were so welcoming and friendly and are the definition of rugby! They play to win all while having a blast. It was my first full season back from an 8 year leave and they were so understanding and helped me shake off all my cobwebs! I felt like a part of this amazing club from day 1. From the Surf Sides 7s to Lake Placid NY to winning the Philly 10s tournament the Lady dragons were a force to be reckoned with! The social tournaments this summer were some that I will never forget. I had a blast on and off the pitch with all of these women and I cannot wait for fall!” – With you, Reggie


One comment on “Women’s Dragon Diary
  1. Lauren Abbott says:

    There aren’t enough words to describe my love for this club. I started out on the sideline supporting the men’s team until one Halloween night Mary dared me to test my limits. Needless to say everyone laughed at the thought of me in a ruck but I had other ideas. I showed up that Monday night with boots and the fear of God in my eyes to prove everyone wrong, including myself. Over the next six months I gained a little confidence on the field, knowledge of the game, muscle I never knew existed, a tolerance for beer (debatable), most importantly, I gained a family. I love you girls!

    Ps: don’t wear a weave on the field, do splits in a scrum or try to out drink a pro.

    I solemnly swear I am up to no good,

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