Men’s Playoff Preview – April 23rd, 2018

The 2018 playoffs are upon us! Suffice it to say the Dragons of Doylestown have adequately punched their ticket to the festivities.

8 games. 8 victories. 8 bonus points. 569 points scored. 91 points against. 478 point differential. No one came close.

The play of the forwards developed steadily throughout the season. Each game providing stronger and stronger platform for the dynamic Dragon backs to cut through fearful opposing backlines.

Next up for the Dragons is Norfolk in a MAC quarterfinal match up. The winner will proceed to MAC Championship weekend in Leesburg, Va on May 5 and 6. The upcoming game amounts to the National round of 64, with every game being of the ‘win or go home’ format.

Following the MAC Championships the next round will be at Fortress Obetz in Obetz, Ohio. There, the Natonal Quarter and Semi-Finals will be played on May 19-20.

The National Final will be played on the weekend of June 2-3 in Glendale, CO.

Everything is still to play for and the real rugby is truly beginning. This was a goal set out by the Doylestown men last Spring and they have done everything in their power up to this point to be successful.

The injection of the additional coaching prowess of Chris Amoratis has proved invaluable. The coaching staff has proved to be just as dynamic as the players as they grow and change with the growing obstacles ahead.

Kick off for the MAC quarterfinal matchup with Norfolk is at HOME at 2PM on Saturday 4/28. DO NOT miss this chance to come out and support your Doylestown Dragons in their last battle close to home for the season. Let’s send the boys off with some fanfare.

Thank you to all the players, supporters, and coaches for a memorable regular season. Time to turn this energy into some post season success!

Up the Dragons!