Hall of Fame

When an organization has met the test of time and created its own history and tradition, then it needs a Hall of Fame to honor the accomplishments and service of those who have been so instrumental to its success. The Doylestown Rugby Football Club has met and exceeded those requirements, and in therefore in 2009 the Doylestown Rugby Football Club Hall of Fame was officially created.

A Hall of Fame committee was formed and commissioned with the responsibility of nominating and electing the inaugural Hall of Fame inductees. Individuals and teams are those, who, by their accomplishments and contributions to DRFC deserve recognition and distinction. The character, competitiveness, and excellence of the inductees will serve as an inspiration and an example of our finest traditions.


Achievement / Contribution – Recognized for highest level of service to the club, and impacton club prosperity and growth over an extended period of time.

Achievement / Play – Recognized for level of play that extraordinarily impacted team performance and achievement over an extended period of time.

Team Recognition – Recognition of a specific team the accomplishments and achievement of which greatly and positively impacted the reputation, history and tradition of the DRFC.


A new Hall of Fame class (min of 3, max of 8) will be inducted very five years by the selection committee

One team inducted every five years as well.

Doylestown Rugby Football Club Hall of Fame

Team - 2009

  • 1974 Men’s Team and Organization
  • Charter Team and Undefeated 10-0

Inductees - 2009

  • John Tomlinson
  • Dave Bugay
  • Ed Dennis
  • Jeff Finley
  • Gary Smith
  • Bob Stotz
  • Althea Tomlinson
  • Mike Tyksinski

Team - 2014

  • 2010 Men’s Team - 2nd in Nation

Inductees - 2014

  • Brad DeLawter
  • Paul Dennis
  • Kevin Lynott
  • Stacy Mancuso
  • Brian McCullough
  • Kevin Reilly
  • Bill Tomlinson
  • Matt Wyatt

Team - 2019

  • 1996 Men’s Team - Saranac Lake Can-Am Tournament Champions

Inductees - 2019

  • Kate Coyle
  • Chris Dennis
  • Mike McCandless

Team - 2024

  • 2019 Men’s Team - 3rd in USA Rugby Men's Division 2

Inductees - 2024

  • Terry Bowman
  • Kevin Hockings
  • Brent Mauer
  • Craig Mauer
  • Bill McCoach
  • Todd Samet
  • Carl Schwab
  • Jason Warren
  • Kerryn Winiesky

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