Building For The Future


You are the key to unlocking the next chapter for Doylestown Rugby.

Founded in 1974 as one men’s team, in just over four decades our club has grown exponentially. Today we have seven well-established teams including: a flag program for pre-K through sixth grade, as well as contact rugby for boys and girls from fifth grade through high school. The club also maintiained a men’s and women’s team for who have remained close to the sport and the rugby community.

Since the establishment of the club, the sport has continued to grow and our Doylestown Academy teams have gained both local and national recognition. With nearly 300 active members, the club has achieved heights our founders only dreamed of, and we have no plans of stopping now.

Due to our immense growth, with seven teams vying for a space to train and play, it has become evident that the club has far outgrown our original facility. The original field is not outfitted with lights, restricting when the space can be used for practice and matches. The overcrowding has also resulted in deteriorating field conditions

Despite the club’s investment in annual field maintenance, the pitch simply cannot keep up with the rigorous practice and match schedules. The field, by nature, is also a heavily sloped playing surface, which experiences significant draining problems in inclement weather.

It is clear that the current pitch conditions are stifling the development of our teams, but we are hesitant to begin making improvements to a field we do not own.

The current pitch is rented, and a formal long-term agreement to secure our use of the field is unavailable. This uncertainty could result in the teams being left without a facility to train or play.

As we continue to develop the program, we want to ensure the next generation has a facility of their own that provides stability, ideal playing and training conditions, and a safe environment to foster a sense of community and love for the sport.

Not only will the new facility be a quality place for our teams to play, but it will also be an asset to the surrounding community as an open space. Additionally, we will be able host championships, tournaments and other events, bringing additional revenue to local business as well.

Your support will help us achieve our dream of purchasing a permanent home for the Doylestown Rugby Club. With our dedicated team of passionate coaches and alumni supporting our youth programs, this new facility will propel our growing teams forward.

Your generosity will play an important part in expanding the sport in our community and taking our Doylestown Academy teams to the next level.





Doylestown RFC
3650 Cold Spring Creamery Rd
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