DRFC's NFL Survivor Pool Fundraiser

NFL Survivor Pool 2023

Once again the Friends of Doylestown Rugby is running an NFL Survivor Pool. Our not-for-profit supports over 300 active members who are playing rugby from the greater Doylestown community and your support of amateur rugby is greatly appreciated. The 2023 Survivor pool in now open and we hope you can join us in some fun this year. Please pass to on to anyone that may be interested in playing and supporting our club.

Rules for 2023:

  1. Pick one team to win each week. You just have to win (no cover or spreads). If your team wins, you stay alive. If your team loses or ties, you lose. DOUBLE ELIMINATION this year so you have two chances before you're eliminated.
  2. You can only use a team once. So, if you use the Patriots in Week 1, you can't use them later.
  3. You must make a survivor pick each week. If you miss a week, the default will be highest rank favorite.
  4. You can change your pick up until 12 PM Eastern on Sunday, unless you've picked a team that plays that prior Thursday, Friday or Saturday.
  5. Buy-back Option – If you lose early and want to keep playing you can buy back into the pool. The buy-back cost is $15 and available in the first 7 weeks, you can buy back in ONCE this year.
  6. Last person standing WINS (and a nice prize for 2ndplace). If we have multiple winners left standing at the end of Week 17, the prize money will be distributed evenly, regardless if a participant has only one loss or not or bought back in.
  7. Multiple players go out on the same week the pot will be split.
  8. Payment must be made prior to Sept. 10, 2023.

Cost is $20 per entry - Prize is $1,000 for the Winner* - $500 for 2nd Place.

How it works

  • We are using a web service to manage the pool:
    • Go to https://www.usafootballpools.com/ to access our pool.
    • Returning players can login with last year’s ID.
    • New players need to:
      • Register on the site.
      • Then click “Join NFL Survivor Pool”.
  • Enter our pool name of: DRFC2023
  • Pay Online using PayPal at:
  • Cost is $20 per entry. Enter as many times as you like.
  • Then Send an email to friendsofdoylestownrugby@gmail.com with the following information to apply your payment:
    • Name
    • Player Team name (i.e. handle name)

Thank You for Your Support of FODR

*if less than 150 players participate the winning prize will be half of the money pot of entry fees.



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