DRFC Helps Lulu’s Rescue Save Dogs’ Lives

Everyone loves doggies, right? I mean, look at those precious faces and cute tail wiggles. They’re your best friend, your colleague, your stress reliever, your buddy. However, not all dogs have great homes or owners that can care for them. Situations happen. Lulu’s Rescue is working with Doylestown Rugby Football Club in give those dogs a new life. These pups need a good forever home, or, even a good home for right now. Average foster home situations can range from two weeks to three months but, hey, if you love the furry buddy, keep it!

Lulu’s Rescue is looking for individuals to foster dogs to help save them from being put down. Doylestown own, Coach Mike McCandless had this to say about this situation.

” I work with a dog rescue that works with shelters from the Carolinas. One of the shelters has far exceeded its capacity and plans to begin to put dogs down starting the end of this week. Lulu’s Rescue is trying to save as many of the dogs as possible but needs immediate help from potential foster homes. They have asked me if they can work with Doylestown Rugby to help the dogs. See the attached flyers for additional information. Contact info@lulusrescue.org with questions or contact me, Mike McCandless, at mccandless2m@gmail.com.

Lulu’s is an extremely small, and mighty, non-profit. Please allow 24-48 hours for an initial response time as we help death row dogs and owner surrenders. www.lulusrescue.org