DRFC’s Annual General Meeting 2024

The DRFC Annual General Meeting will be held Wednesday, January 31st from 6:30pm-8pm at the Doylestown Library. It is HIGHLY recommended that you attend in person. The meeting will also be available virtually with Google Meet for those physically unable to attend in person.

Google Meet Link: https://meet.google.com/zek-kitz-xrx?hs=224

If you are a player, a coach, team volunteer, alumni, you really need to attend (again, in person)

Hear the details about your club of last year, and the year to come, as well as give your feedback. If you are a parent or a supporter, it is HIGHLY encouraged that you also attend for the same reasons. DRFC values all of you, and together we are better. In this meeting we will elect new board members. Voice what you think is working well (so we don’t accidentally drop it), and voice opportunities for improved collaboration and furtherment of DRFC.

AGM agenda below:

  • 2023 Doylestown Rugby Overview
    • Inclusive of teams address to DRFC Membership (adult teams, high school, Youth teams, Flag and Alumni)
  • 2024 Goals and Direction of DRFC
  • DRFC Board/Committees Present
    • Financial Status/Outlook
      • Fundraising Strategies
    • Events: A streamlined approach
      • 50th Anniversary (Memorial Day Weekend)
    • Communications: Platforms and strategy
    • Recruitment
  • Nominate/Confirm new Board Members (board openings)
    • Recruiting (lead club growth in membership)
    • Teams Chair (responsible for to be the liaison between the teams and the board, ensures all teams are in good standing with the proper rugby associations)
    • Communications (handle platform setup/maintenance of Website/Social Media, EMail..etc

If you may be interested in a board position and considering nomination, please contact secretary@doylestownrugby.com in advanced for a full breakdown of the positions and responsibilities. A week before the AGM, we will announce known nominees for specific roles. Note, it is still possible to be nominated the night of the AGM at time of voting.

See you there!
-The Board of DRFC

Download (PDF, 1.05MB)